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TED Istanbul Model United Nations (TEDIMUN) is a dynamic and prestigious event that brings together students from various schools to engage in a stimulating simulation of international diplomacy. Founded in 2019, the Global Issues Club of TED Istanbul College has been organizing TEDIMUN since. Our Global Issues Club has over 10 years of experience in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. This year our conference holds the theme of “Rebuilding Resilience: Creating a Sustainable World in an Age of Hardship” and will be on 9-11th of February. We aim to gather many students from different backgrounds to discuss global problems and create sustainable solutions. While working on topics that concern the world, students also improve their leadership, public speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork skills.

Held in the vibrant city of Istanbul, TEDIMUN is known for its commitment to excellence in intellectual experiences. Participants assume the roles of diplomats, representing different countries and debating pressing global issues within the framework of the United Nations. TEDIMUN provides a platform for students to hone their research, publicly defend and express their opinions, and improve their negotiation skills while fostering a deep understanding of international relations.

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