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"Rebuilding Resilience: Creating a Sustainable World in an Age of Hardship"

February 9-10-11, 2024

Letter from the Secretary General

Distinguished Directors and Esteemed Participants,


On behalf of the Executive Team, I am honored to have the privilege of welcoming you to our third official session of the TED Istanbul Model United Nations (TEDIMUN), which will be held on January 13-14-15, 2023. Inspired by the ongoing change in our world, our upcoming conference will take place with the theme of “Shifting Tides: Striving for Change in the Modern World.” 

I believe our team's previous years of experience have provided us with the necessary tools to make TEDIMUN'23 a memorable experience, and we are delighted to get to share these three days with you.


The theme of TEDIMUN’23 focuses on the ever-present aspiration for change in our modern world. We believe in the aptness of this theme for our continuously evolving political landscape, and our eternal quest to be better. Our world is constantly shifting between societal norms and forward-thinking, progressive ideas. This current generation will inadvertently have a major influence on these shifts. As such, MUN is certainly an opportunity to explore the differing perspectives on change, and the spectrum of ideas that occupy this broad and expansive topic. Challenging the status quo and embracing modernity is a trait I hope all participants will gain moving forward. Our responsibility to the future by heralding the change to better it is why we believe this theme to be fitting for TEDIMUN'23.


As the ambitious Secretariat of TEDIMUN’23, we aim to provide an eye-opening experience for all participants with our challenging and thought-provoking agenda items. We hope to see lucrative and well-formed debates taking place within our sessions. Our hardworking and committed Executive Team will do everything within their power to create a truly remarkable atmosphere. I look forward to seeing innovative ideas from our diligent delegates and hope to find that all participants will have gained a new outlook on our modern world, how we can adapt to changes within it, and how to evolve alongside those changes. 


I am excitedly waiting to meet you at TEDIMUN'23 which will surely be an incredible experience for all of our participants.





Secretary General of TEDIMUN’23

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