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Rebuilding Resilience: Creating a Sustainable World in the 21st Century

February 9-10-11, 2024


Dear Advisors, Delegates, and Esteemed Guests,


On behalf of the Executive Team, we are honored to have the privilege of welcoming you to the 4th annual session of TED Istanbul College Model United Nations (TEDIMUN). This year, the conference will host its distinguished participants between 9-11 February. Inspired by the need for change amidst the hardships of the modern world, our upcoming conference will take place with the theme of “Rebuilding Resilience: Creating a Sustainable World in the 21st Century.”, a theme that is incredibly important during times of a global environmental crisis, political ambiguity and destructive conflicts.


Following the THIMUN rules of procedure, TEDIMUN has been aiming to foster a productive environment for fulfilling and goal-oriented debates and important learning experiences since its establishment. Leading up to its fourth session, the conference has hosted over 650 eager participants, advisors, and guest speakers with utmost professionalism. This year’s session of TEDIMUN will host both a General Assembly, and a Special Assembly differing from the previous sessions, in order to ensure that every productive idea for a resolution is thoroughly examined and debated upon collectively.


In accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we believe it is necessary to create a sustainable world for a viable future for all, through attaining economic, social and political stability. It is crucial to view sustainability through the lenses of all aspects of life. Without ensuring the continuous development of our world from this perspective, true sustainability cannot be achieved, therefore, resilience in times of crises is pivotal to fullfill this goal. Coordination and mutual understanding are very significant in order to withstand times of hardship and lead the way to a better future for following generations. 


The executive team of TEDIMUN 2024 is looking forward to hosting all of you in this year’s session of our conference. We are absolutely sure that TEDIMUN’24 will be a wonderful and unforgettable experience to partake in, while providing a productive environment where all participants can share their passion for global politics and sustainable development. We are eagerly anticipating the innovative and intellectually stimulating conversations our diligent delegates will have.



Simay Özgentürk & Burcu Birler

Secretaries-General of TEDIMUN 2024

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